StashWall Features

EASY TO GET STARTED. Just sign up for an account and follow the simple directions to get started. If you hate being told what to do, you can just start exploring on your own– there are handy tips that pop up to explain things as you go.

PERSONALIZE your StashWall using one of five themes. If you can’t decide, take our handy personality quiz. And if you’re still feeling indecisive, the modern wall is a great place to start.

YOU’RE THE BOSS of your content. Decide what you’d like to tackle first or what’s most important to you right now and start adding items. Everything you add is completely private. Only you can decide what you want to share and with whom.

ORGANIZE AND CUSTOMIZE your StashWall to fit your life. We give you nine boxes, each with built-in organization systems, to help get you started, but feel free to add or delete boxes to make your wall your own. Even when you create your own boxes, StashWall’s smart and flexible organizational structure will still be available. The system is simple – think of it as nested boxes: a box contains categories, and categories contain items. Pretty simple, right?

ADD ITEMS, lots and lots of items. This is what StashWall is all about. You can add eight types of items:

  • Bulk: For a quick and easy way to get files into your StashWall so you can organize them later.
  • Documents: For any type of document file, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.
  • Images: For image files, including photos in JPG, GIF and PNG formats.
  • Galleries: For uploading multiple images and displaying them all in a pretty slideshow.
  • Notes: For writing down anything you’d like to remember or share.
  • Links: For adding links to websites, including blogs, articles and favorite sites.
  • Audio: For adding MP3 files and playing them with a handy audio player.
  • Video: For adding your M4V videos and watching them later in a built-in HTML5 video player, or add videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

SEARCH Every item is searchable using the title, tag or description you specify. A simple keyword search, and voila– the results. Of course, you can always find items by navigating through your wall, but we think the search bar cuts down on clicks.

ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE Your items are always available, whether you’re at home, in the office or on the road. Use your computer, mobile device or someone else’s to access your account. Please remember to log out if you’re using a public or shared computer.

SHARE Every item is set to private by default, but you can add a circle at any time and then share items with circle member(s). The choice is always yours. StashWall circles allow you to share specific items with specific people. You can, of course, choose to create one big circle or even create a circle of one.

VIEW StashWall lets you view your content in a way that makes sense to you. You can sort your wall either alphabetically or by most recent, and you can display your wall as a grid or a list. Drag and drop custom ordering is coming soon!

VAULT The Vault is the place where you can store your most important documents, paperwork, passwords etc. You can keep items private or share them with a few key people, like your spouse, accountant or lawyer.

What kind of wall are you?

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