Coming Soon

We’re hard at work on new features to improve your experience. Some of what we’re planning:

  • Emailing items to inbox
  • OCR/Text recognition
  • Sharing at every level (boxes, categories and items)
  • Inviting social media friends and followers and your email contacts into your circles
  • Adding comments and uploads when sharing items
  • Drag and drop for custom ordering
  • Drag and drop functionality for uploading files
  • Links to sell or donate stuff you no longer need
  • Allowing you to customize your StashWall theme any way you’d like
  • Multiple walls under one umbrella for a family or company
  • Multiple administrators
  • Encrypted links for sharing items with non StashWall members
  • Searching other people’s walls and all of StashWall
  • Community feature for those who share interests
  • Custom sorting
  • Mobile applications for iPhone, Android and iPad
  • Takeout option – so you can leave on your terms (although we hope you stay)

What kind of wall are you?

Questions, comments, ideas?